The BIG 40!!!

So yesterday I turned the BIG 40!!
People asking how I feel…

I feel no different to the day before! As we don’t with all birthdays. When we turned 11 after 10, still felt the same…I certainly don’t feel 10 however!

I feel very content and happy with my life though and am happy to be 40 and to be alive and be with my family.
Will have celebrations all weekend long and this is what life is all about.

Met up for coffee with a long lost friend today. Haven’t seen eachother for years and now our daughters are at the same school!! Great catching up for a good chat.

So now looking forward to my Michael Kors bag which is on its way and our holiday at the end of the month!!

Life is great at 40!!

Last day tomorrow in my Thirties!!!

Well, I thought I would write slightly from a more personal angle as I reflect and enter my forties this week….

I was asked yesterday how I was feeling and felt slightly confused at first at the question and had to ask ‘how do you mean?’ as I have not been unwell lately…they replied ‘well only a few days left in your thirties!!’

Until that moment I hadn’t even thought of it that way!! I am not thinking of it in any kind of milestone way, just an excuse to celebrate and have special, quality time with my family!!

I am a very positive person and have a very good outlook on life. Life has made me think this way. I appreciate every single day I am alive. I am grateful for my family and everything we have….

Many long stories in my life that I may share soon as I enter a new chapter, which have made me the way I am…

So here’s looking forward to many more years with all my loved ones!!

Last day of my thirties tomorrow!!!