New Forum added

Am feeling very excited – the forum has been added so it should be even easier to add your items than  previously on here – as many people were having problems adding through the ‘leave a comment’ tab – could not add pictures via smartphones.

Hopefully this has now been rectified!!

Enjoy the rest of your Easter Weekend, for those of you having a good spring clean and clear out – feel free to add your items to the forum. Join in and get chatting!


Details Make The Difference – Accessories for a Different Kind of Bride

Love this post, so have re-blogged, the Chanel clutch bag as mentioned on my first blog post is also featured here…great for brides, written by a very talented fellow blogger!!

A Stairway To Fashion

The prettiest dress in the world – after the bride gets this task out of her mind – needs to be combined with super special accessories that identify a specific style and synthesize the personality of the bride. Brides should devote some time to make the decision as their role is essential and there are options for all tastes and situations. For example, when choosing jewelry, we can put aside the superstitions and let the pearls go back to the scene to put a classic and very romantic spot to any bridal styling, either through earrings, necklaces and even worthy of a princess crowns. For those who prefer to cling to the traditions, diamonds and sapphires shine brightly on pieces with a vintage touch – and that’s another option.

Also the veil and jewellery have been reinvented – hats are adorned with flowers and even floral tiaras can be spotted…

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